A Fred Bollaci Preferred DestinationFred Bollaci is a Renaissance Man. He has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region, expanding his knowledge about the freshest and highest quality gourmet ingredients, preparation, and wine and spirit complements to the finest meals. He has compiled a list of his favorite preferred destinations here– from
5-star world-class restaurants, wineries, and resorts, to top-quality, family-owned destinations–in addition to the impressive list of restaurants featured in Fred’s upcoming memoir, Your Life. Your Way. Gourmet! that meet his exacting and discerning palette and taste. Clearly, as Fred continues to travel the world, there is room for more books and great healthy, gourmet recipes!

Join Fred as he travels the world, visiting his favorite destinations and discovering new ones, while living the healthy, gourmet lifestyle!  Some of Fred’s greatest passions include enjoying food, wine, and travel– both to familiar favorite spots as well as discovering new places.  Fred will continue to share his findings, including favorite restaurants, hotels, wineries, destinations, and recipes, both online, and in future publications!