NEW: “Dine with Fred” Private 1-on-1 Dining with “The Restaurant Diet” Restaurant Weight Loss Expert, Fred Bollaci


NEW: Fred Bollaci is offering new clients the opportunity to “Dine with Fred” and experience “The Restaurant Diet” in an actual restaurant setting! For a limited time, Fred Bollaci is offering an introductory special rate in South Florida: $125 for a single person consultation, $200 for a couple (two people), maximum of two, at a restaurant, plus the cost of all food and beverages to be paid by the client directly to the restaurant. 

Contact Fred, schedule a date for lunch or dinner, pick your favorite restaurant, and dine with the restaurant weight loss expert! Fred will walk you through reviewing the menu, to the ordering and entire dining process and any pitfalls or challenges that may arise in real time, sharing with you the real world strategies Fred used to lose 150 pounds which will make restaurant weight loss easier and more enjoyable for you too! Fred will show you firsthand how to implement the strategies in his book and share with you secrets to making weight loss more enjoyable.

Fred is available in April through June, 2019 in South Florida markets, including Palm Beach County to Miami, and Tampa Bay to Naples. 

Fred will be offering limited “Dine with Fred” opportunities to new clients in select markets to tie in with book signings and events in 2019. E-mail for more information and to book a time. 

For more information, and to schedule an in-person dining experience with Fred, please contact Fred at

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Florida Winefest & Auction Master Wine Tasting Seminar with Master Sommelier/Certified Wine Educator Michael Jordan of Jackson Family Wines, a Highlight of the Weekend!



On Saturday April 6, 2019, before the Grand Tasting Brunch and Live Charity Auction, several dozen attendees enjoyed a hands-on wine seminar and blind tasting with the legendary Michael Jordan, of Jackson Family of Wines, one of only 15 Master Sommeliers (MS) and Certified Wine Educators (CWE) in the world! Jordan has been described as “Sommelier for the people” and his approachable style, sense of humor, incredible knowledge, and ability to educate made this one of the most informative and enjoyable wine classes I have attended. It was essentially the two days of Level 1 courses for students of the Court of Master Sommeliers, presented by a legend, and brought to an approachable level where anyone from a novice home wine drinker to a connoisseur or sommelier can easily enjoy, and come away a much better informed wine drinker! Michael walked his students through a blind tasting of four wines–one white, and three reds. He shared his version of the “Deductive Tasting Method” which he committed to memory to help him pass Level 4 of the Court of Master Sommelier’s examination, in which candidates have 4 minutes and 10 seconds to properly identify a wine, and back up their deduction with extensive information about the wine– its color, nose, flavors, any flaws, likely region, and year, among the extensive criteria. Participants received sheets listing dozens of criteria to work through when tasting a wine, as well as a list of all different scents that could be present in a wine, and were encouraged to photocopy them and use them for home tastings with family and friends to become even better informed about wine. Jordan shared some tips for identifying certain wines– for example, if a red wine contained the aromas of cassis, black currant, and blackberry fruit would suggest it could be a Cabernet Sauvignon, and black cherry and plum are suggestive of Merlot. Old World wines (Europe) tend to be earthier, while New World Wines (US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa) are typically more fruit-driven.

Fred Bollaci will be writing a story about the seminar with Michael Jordan and how you too can “Blind Taste” like a Master Sommelier in the comfort of your own home!


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The Famed “Banquet on the Block” at Florida Winefest & Auction in Sarasota, Florida!



Friday April 5, 2019 was the annual Banquet on the Block, a Florida Winefest original, featuring a gourmet dinner served on a stunning table for 200 lucky guests on Lemon Avenue at the intersection of Main Street in downtown Sarasota. 6 favorite local restaurants catered the event, and numerous winemakers were on hand pouring their favorites.


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The Best Four Day Weekend in Sarasota: The 29th Annual Florida Winefest is in the Books! Fred Bollaci Enterprises and Venu Magazine are Proud Media Sponsors for the Third Year



The fabulous four-day weekend of festivities began with Pique Nique Sur La Baie on Thursday April 4, 2019 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall overlooking Sarasota Bay. Some 200 attendees dressed to the nines with amazing hats and outfits. The plated luncheon featured food, wine, and a hat contest, as well as competition for the best looking group.


Tracey Thomas and Fred Bollaci with David Harmon, of Carneros della Notte and Own a Napa Vineyard, a popular gift idea, where you can purchase a vine and enjoy your “own” wine as well as the annual harvest party at the vineyard! David’s “LPR” (Late Pinot Noir Reserve, AKA “Liquid Panty Remover” began accidentally as many great discoveries do), and is now one of the most popular wines to return to Winefest!


Tracey Thomas and Matthew Sturtevant of Venu Magazine with Sam Williamson of Williamson Family Wines from Sonoma County.



The Van Wezel provided a perfect backdrop for the weekend’s festivities. Mother Nature provided spectacular weather, with highs in the 80’s and plenty of Florida sunshine! Other events were held at local restaurants, private homes, and in downtown Sarasota for Friday evening’s Banquet on the Block.



Pique Nique was a wonderful chance for friends–old and new to let loose on a weekday afternoon and have fun! Proceeds from Florida Winefest benefit local children’s charities in Sarasota and Manatee County, and to date have raised more than $8.5 million.


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Book Signing by Fred Bollaci, Author of “The Restaurant Diet” at Felice Italian Deli in Clearwater, Florida for a Book Signing on Saturday April 13, 2019, 11am-1pm. Delicious Food and Beverages will be served! Mamma Nancy will also be signing her book, “Cooking With Mamma.”


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