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Fred Bollaci has earned a reputation as an international expert on living a healthy gourmet lifestyle, having lost 150 pounds in 2009-10 and maintaining a healthy gourmet lifestyle since.

Fred has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and wisdom from his experience, and now, exclusive access to his wealth of knowledge is available to you! Since losing the weight, Fred has helped coach, counsel, inspire, and motivate countless clients to embark on their own successful weight loss journeys!

Fred offers FREE 20-minute private phone or online consultations to anyone looking to lose weight and change their life to show how he can help clients achieve their goals.

A-la-Carte Private online or phone consultations are available for the special price of $175 per hour, payment must be received in advance via PayPal or Venmo prior to booking. Since Fred receives numerous requests for consultations, your patience and understanding is appreciated. Fred or his assistant will get back with you to schedule your consultation.

On July 1, 2020, Fred Bollaci launched the exclusive 1:1 Diet & Lifestyle Mentor Coaching Program, which he developed working with hundreds of clients the past six years. For a modest monthly retainer, a limited number of clients will have daily access to Fred Bollaci for support and guidance.

  • Want to learn how to eat gourmet meals at great restaurants and lose weight?
  • Want to learn to shop better and cook healthy-gourmet meals at home?
  • Need advice dealing with emotional issues related to weight loss?
  • Have you struggled for years with countless conventional diets and find yourself “fed up” and frustrated?
  • Want to learn how to finally kick those unwanted pounds to the curb by adopting a realistic healthy-gourmet lifestyle?
  • Need motivation to start exercising and help sticking to a routine?
  • Need help and daily support navigating diet and lifestyle challenges in the strange and stressful world of COVID-19?

Then you need to ask Fred!

Fred is available for private consultations via phone, Zoom, or Skype (and in-person in select locations) to answer your questions and help you develop a healthy-gourmet lifestyle and lose weight!

Fred has consulted with hundreds of individual clients seeking to lose weight and get healthier, including Corporate Executives who want to make healthy choices while enjoying upscale dining on a regular basis, and Chefs and restaurant owners who wish to offer more appealing healthier choices to health conscious patrons and patrons with dietary restrictions. Fred is currently collaborating with chefs across the country to develop Platinum and Golden Palate Certified menus.  Hundreds of restaurant owners, chefs, hoteliers, wineries, spas, and purveyors/producers of organic and artisan products have invited Fred to visit and evaluate their establishments to ensure that they meet his exacting standards for excellence in cuisine and world-class hospitality, and to consider for designation as a Preferred Destination, Golden Palate® Partner, and to be invited to consider Golden Palate®  Charter Membership, or Platinum Palate™ Membership, in which these establishments and Fred work together to promote one-another as foremost brand ambassadors. Fred has showcased hundreds of excellent establishments on his website, blog and on his social media platform distributed to some 55,000 fans and followers, and in VENU Magazine, where he writes a quarterly Appetite column!

“Thank you, Fred Bollaci for providing me with the motivation, support, and encouragement to lose over 100 pounds three years ago and keep it off to this day! Working with you helped me change my relationship with food and learn to appreciate food and take back my life! I highly recommend working with Fred for anyone looking for a permanent solution to their weight problems.” -M.C., Florida 


NEW: Fred Bollaci is offering new clients the opportunity to “Dine with Fred” and experience “The Restaurant Diet” in an actual restaurant setting! For a limited time, Fred Bollaci is offering an introductory special rate in South Florida: $175 for a single person consultation, $250 for a couple (two people), maximum of two, at a restaurant, plus the cost of all food and beverages to be paid by the client directly to the restaurant. 

Contact Fred, schedule a date for lunch or dinner, pick your favorite restaurant, and dine with the restaurant weight loss expert! Fred will walk you through reviewing the menu, to the ordering and entire dining process and any pitfalls or challenges that may arise in real time, sharing with you the real world strategies Fred used to lose 150 pounds which will make restaurant weight loss easier and more enjoyable for you too! Fred will show you firsthand how to implement the strategies in his book and share with you secrets to making weight loss more enjoyable. Fred will be offering limited “Dine with Fred” opportunities to new clients in select markets to tie in with book signings and events in 2019. E-mail for more information and to book a time. 

Interested destination owners, e-mail Fred.

Instructions for booking a private consulting session:

  1. Complete this simple form.
  2. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal.
  3. Fred will contact you by e-mail to schedule your consultation.
  4. Please be ready at the scheduled time – Fred is ready to work with you!

Contact Fred for Consultations

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Fred also offers clients personalized ongoing support and access to him by phone and e-mail. He will tailor a program to meet each clients’ specific needs and budget, and offers special rates and packages for clients who want the added assurance of ongoing weekly or monthly support from someone who has been in their shoes!

Fred is also available as a motivational speaker and lecturer! To secure Fred as a speaker for your group or special event please contact:

“I have been working with Fred Bollaci for a little over a year to help me lose weight and get in shape. So far, I have lost over 80 pounds, and though I need to lose a lot more, the advice, encouragement, support, tips, and inspiration Fred has given me are priceless. I know I am headed in the right direction, and with Fred’s support and expertise, I know I will be successful! This is like no other diet I’ve ever tried! I’m learning to eat better, make better choices, enjoy exercise, and deal with why I overate. I had no idea I didn’t have to deprive or punish myself to lose weight and feel better! In fact, today I feel the best I have in over fifteen years, and have a new lease on life, and a realistic plan for active, healthy, gourmet living I can count on for the rest of my life as I continue to get healthier! Thank you, Fred for helping save my life!” C.R., Florida.

“Meeting Fred Bollaci and working with him the past two years has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I have struggled with the same thirty pounds for years, and have tried every diet known to man. Fred introduced me to an entirely new way of thinking and dealing with not only food, but every aspect of my life, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I not only lost the thirty pounds, I enjoyed doing it in fantastic restaurants, and learning to cook better at home. The wisdom and self-knowledge I gained in exchange for the weight I lost is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you for showing me a better way!” E.M., Florida

“I knew from my initial one-hour consultation with Fred that this was no ordinary diet, and I had found access to an extraordinary resource and genuinely compassionate person who could empathize with me and help me. I’ve been working with Fred for several months, talking with him on a weekly basis for support, and have already managed to lose 15 pounds. He is helping me learn to make better choices when I eat out, to shop and cook better at home, and to make my physical and emotional wellbeing my top priority. Even though I still want to lose 40 more pounds, I haven’t felt this good in a long time, and know I’m on the right track! I’m proud of my success and grateful to be introduced to a diet that doesn’t punish me. I’m delighted with the results so far, I can’t believe I can eat in my favorite restaurants and lose weight! I’m looking forward to losing more weight and getting a whole new life, thanks to Fred, I’ve found a diet I can actually enjoy!” -S.P., New York