Golden Palate Italia: Bulgari Hotel & Bulgari Il Ristorante: Elegance and Refinement in the Heart of Milan! And Recipe for Bulgari’s Signature Spaghetti with Tomato, Goat Cheese, and Lemon Peel!

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On a private street between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, La Scala and the Accademia di Brera, in a tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo is the Bulgari Hotel Milan, situated in the cultural and commercial heart of a city that, behind its austere façades, hides delightful and unexpected courtyards and green spaces. One such space is the Bulgari Hotel’s 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Garden, a restorative oasis of serenity and relaxation in the midst of Milan’s busy pace.


At the heart of the Bulgari Hotel Milan is a delicate balance between rigorous design of the space and the richness of atmospheres. Black marble from Zimbabwe, stone from Vicenza and Afyon, teak and oak: these and other precious materials combine to create unique textural juxtapositions and chromatic harmonies in a subtle balance of spatial rigor and atmospheric suggestion, accentuated by detailing and furnishings designed by the architectural studio Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners. Situated in Via Gabba, the building dates from the 1950s and has been recently refreshed with cream coloured linen wallpaper, new furniture from Antonio Citterio’s Flexform Collection and Maxalto, and B&B module libraries. Framed sketches of iconic Bulgari jewels have been added to all the rooms, while the suites feature a new collection of arts and design books.


Allowing its guests to experience the utmost privacy, the Bulgari Hotel Milano is an ideal location to organize your exclusive events. The timeless glamour of Bulgari is expressed in the lush garden and its many corners that form an exquisite backdrop at any time of day, whether for a cocktail party or a more formal gathering. Custom menus and special touches harmonize with each bespoke event in the heart of of Milan’s chic shopping district.
The splendidly luminous Rooms and Suites, face both onto the famous garden or charming Milanese courtyard. The rooms unfold in a sequence of finely furnished spaces.
The Bulgari Suite:
Located on our private top floor, the Bulgari Suite offers sweeping views on the Botanical garden and Milano’s city centre that can be enjoyed from its 90 sq.m. wrap around terrace, equipped not only for indulgence but also, upon request, for private dinners. This luminous 120 sq.m. suite is characterized by its teak finishings and huge floor to ceiling windows.

Bulgari Hotel Milano has teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide an increasingly desirable amenity: Tesla Destination Charging.


Il Bar: A generous oval bar in black resin dominates this simple and elegant room, set against a spectacular glass wall that opens onto the serene luminosity of the private garden. A meeting place not only for hotel guests but for in-the-know Milanese, the cocktail hour takes on the flavor of the classic Italian aperitivo, with a wide choice of traditional cuisine.

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The Bulgari Spa: A refuge for the body and the spirit, a harmonious atmosphere that fosters the quest for balance, the Bulgari Hotel Milano Spa offers all the rituals of contemporary wellness in a setting at once sumptuous and elegant. Daylight filters through the glass walls and illuminates the pure gold tiles of the pool. The Bulgari Spa is an urban retreat, an escape for mind and soul, a tranquil and soothing sanctuary installing a sense of equilibrium. Ancient treatment philosophies and modern architecture merge together achieving a sense of deep relaxation. Indulge yourself as you immerse into tepid pool waters and stimulating heat experiences, or simply surrender to the peace and stillness of pure relaxation. Every treatment ritual especially selected for the Bulgari Spa is a totally caring, personalized experience and the ultimate in attentive and individualized service.

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Il Giardino: The Bulgari Hotel garden, designed by landscape architect Sophie Agata Ambroise, offers several options that are ideal for meetings and private events, each with a capacity of 50 people and with truly unique exclusivity.

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Born and raised in Napoli, Executive Chef Roberto Di Pinto’s intuitive cooking reflects the historical connections of his city with the Mediterranean cuisine, and his menu is the point of convergence between a strong, Neapolitan culinary identity and the desire to project family recipes and traditional flavors into the future.

Keen towards pastries, Roberto revealed his passion for cooking at a very early age, starting his career working every day after school at the world famous, best-in-town-pastry shop, Scaturchio pastry in Naples.

After his studies, he began a journey of professional growth that took him from Rome to London, passing through Florence and Milan, where, starting the path from Chef de partie, he finally become Executive Sous Chef.

But it was an internship with Chef Gennaro Esposito that finally defined Roberto’s definitive vision of cooking and tied him even more to his Neapolitan roots: taking Chef Gennaro as an example to follow, Roberto wishes to become Ambassador of the Mediterranean cuisine here in Milan.

The Chef had the chance to grow professionally thanks to the work experience he had in the past years at the Bulgari Hotel, which helped him to fully develop his ability in interpreting the philosophy and the value of the brand.

The superb quality of the raw ingredients, familiar scents and the fidelity to the great Italian tradition of excellence are the main ingredients of Roberto Di Pinto cuisine.

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Chef Roberto Di Pinto developing #healthygourmet options that maximize flavor while minimizing calories with the hotel’s fitness trainer.


Il Ristorante: The simple yet luxurious space of the Bulgari Hotel Milan restaurant is the ideal backdrop for a voluptuous gastronomic journey into the aromas and flavors of Chef Roberto Di Pinto’s cuisine: a creative reinterpretation of the Italian tradition, characterized by harmonies and contrasts, aesthetic research of colours and volumes. The wine list vaunts more than 500 cases of the most carefully selected vintages, as well as a fine selection of champagnes and sparkling wines. Connoisseurs of fine spirits will also find much to choose from.



Recipe for the Signature Bulgari Spaghetti with tomatoes, goat cheese and lemon peel!

Simmer a clove of garlic in olive oil for few minutes on a low flame; add the Piennolo tomatoes, a pinch of salt and fresh basil leaves to season. Meanwhile, cook spaghetti in abundant boiling water for about 7 minutes. Drain spaghetti well, pour into the tomato sauce and toss the spaghetti for a few moments in the sauce. Salt to your liking and add some olive oil. Plate the spaghetti in the shape of a nest and add a scoop of goat cheese on top with grated some lemon peel.

A simple dish made even more flavourful with a hint of sour taste. Bon appetit!

Photos and recipe courtesy of the hotel.



The Bulgari Hotel and Ristorante have been awarded the Fred Bollaci Enterprises Golden Palate Italia Certificate of Excellence!


Bulgari Hotel Milano

Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7b, 20121 Milano

+39 02 805 805 1

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