The Platinum Palate in Australia: Qualia: Stunning Luxury Resort Overlooking The Coral Sea on Hamilton Island (Great Barrier Reef)!



Qualia is a world class luxury resort in the Whitsundays, a private world of sensory perfection on Hamilton Island near the Great Barrier Reef.

Qualia (pronounced kwah-lee-ah) in Latin means “a collection of deeper sensory experiences”. A byword for Hamilton Island luxury accommodation, qualia is situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island surrounded by all the splendour of the Great Barrier Reef. With a relaxed aspect and mesmerising calmness, time seems to stretch forever.


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Owners the Oatleys are a passionate Australian family who believe in highlighting their country’s superb natural beauty and superlative style for the rest of the world. It is this vision that is truly realised at qualia on Hamilton Island. qualia was conceived by the late Bob Oatley, renowned Australian winemaker and patriarch of the Oatley family, whose legacy his son, Sandy, and the Oatley family uphold today.

Island-inspired architectural sculptures in specimen timbers, sandstone and glass, frame the surrounding landscape of Australian Eucalypts and the Coral Sea. Subtly elegant, instinctively Australian and distinctively qualia, the resort’s 60 individually designed pavilions flow through to private sun decks and infinity plunge pools overlooking the sea.

Architect Chris Beckingham, has created a lyrical world within a world at qualia, appealing to the senses as well as the soul. Promising privacy and celebrating the purity of the Whitsundays coastal environment, qualia’s structural honesty of elegantly unadorned local timber and stone surrounds every villa with expansive sea vistas, landscaped Australian bushland and tropical palms, effortlessly bringing the outside in without disrupting the view..

Creating a Luxury Retreat
As a discrete retreat, qualia is absolute, with:

exclusive fine dining at Long Pavilion;
soothing dreamtime treatments at Spa qualia;
the ineffable luxury of seamless, intuitive service ;
the superior contemporary facilities of a world-class boutique resort.


10262225_933883310000124_8431734807699335381_n 14641898_1121775634544223_1725415021851952999_n 13995457_1055613351160452_2888786917515005774_o 10151240_720307724691018_4468374861999019447_n 13325505_1019087291479725_7829815949788956234_n 13494876_1029997153722072_8287814622068113541_n 12189791_905578602830595_5151342031939599904_n 11178293_816179055103884_819084308219755887_n 10330285_714800528575071_4302801684313669028_nQualia is the sensory experience of absolute relaxation. Distinctively Australian and international in understated style and luxury, qualia’s elegant private pavilions capture the Whitsundays beauty of a blue horizon edged with islands.

Qualia’s exquisitely designed pavilions promise privacy and luxury on Hamilton Island’s secluded northern tip. Each of qualia’s 60 light-filled pavilions faces the water, surrounded by lush tropical bushland within the resort. All pavilions boast the spectacular tropical bushland or stunning postcard views of the Whitsundays. Natural tones of timber, stone and glass reflect the serenity of qualia’s Whitsundays locale, subtly framing the seafront setting and providing sweeping views from every room.


How about waking up to that view?

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Qualia is a sublime location for a Whitsundays golfing holiday. One of the world’s most spectacular settings for a round of golf is just minutes away by ferry or helicopter.

Designed by five-time British Open winner Peter Thomson, the Hamilton Island Golf Club on neighbouring Dent Island is the only championship island golf course in Australia and the perfect destination for your next Australian golfing holiday. In addition, enjoy diving, sailing, boating, snorkeling, and more! This is truly a dream location, ideal for a honeymoon or exquisite getaway, you won’t want to leave!

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Above image by Whitsundays Photography. All other images by Qualia.

Qualia has been awarded the Fred Bollaci Enterprises Platinum Palate Certificate of Excellence, distinguishing this special property as one of the very finest in the world for fine dining, service, recreational opportunities, and amenities.



Please contact our Guest services team on
+61 7 4948 9222 or email
to assist with any pre-arrival bookings.



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