Best Wishes and Some Personal Thoughts for the New Year, by Fred Bollaci

To my friends, family, colleagues, fans, followers, and supporters,


On this last day of 2017, an exciting year, I take time to give pause and reflect where I’ve been and where I’d like to go in 2018 and beyond. Although this is a day (and night) for celebrating, it’s not too early to give thought to what we want for ourselves and from life next year and the positive actions we can take in furtherance of these goals. First, I’m starting off with a New Year’s gratitude list, where I take time to consider the many things I am thankful for. Even when I was very overweight, I started by being grateful I had air in my lungs, two feet that could walk, a good brain in my head, and good taste in food! It helps us set goals and make positive and lasting change and ultimate success by accepting with gratitude exactly who we are and where we are, even if there are aspects we’d like to change. Next, I will create a vision board, whether a list, or actual clippings, say from magazines of things I’d like in my life and of things I’d like to accomplish in the new year or at least work towards (a life plan). Third, I will list and say out loud my resolutions to help me realize the vision! Lastly, tonight, or anytime for that matter, write down anything you’d like to toss from your life—anything negative that may be holding you back. This may a bad habit, something you feel guilty about, or perhaps a grudge you carry. Let them go! If there are people you aren’t on good terms with, offer them sincere prayers and wish them the best (whether you tell them or not). Write anything you’d like to release on little pieces of paper and safely burn them, outside or toss them into a roaring fireplace, releasing any negativity into the atmosphere. Start the New Year with a clean slate—empowered by our past and determined to move forward and make sure our best days are ahead of us, waiting for us to claim and enjoy them! Cheers everyone! Safe and happy celebrating tonight and a great 2018! One more thing— no 2018 is complete without ordering a copy of my book, #therestaurantdiet! Thanks and God Bless!


About Fred Bollaci

I'm CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises. I lost more than 100 pounds while living "La Dolce Vita" and I'm now known as "The Healthy Gourmet." Sample the good life with me through fitness, fine food, and good wine. Meet chefs who cater to a healthy gourmet lifestyle through my Golden Palate blog.
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