Blu Kouzina: Fresh Authentic Greek and Seafood in St. Armand’s Circle, Sarasota, Florida

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Blu Kouzina

Blu Kouzina has brought its signature, wholesome Greek cooking to the Sunshine State building upon five successful years at their first location in cosmopolitan Singapore. The acclaimed restaurant, born out of the founders’ passion for the food of their native Greece and their love of sharing a hearty, family meal with friends, has set up a second home in Sarasota on fashionable St. Armand’s Circle, and has just been awarded the Fred Bollaci Enterprises Golden Palate Certificate of Excellence®.

Blue Kouzina is known for fresh, quality ingredients, mostly grown organically, and sourced from well established, local producers are used in dishes that are both traditional and creatively contemporary. What remains uniquely Greek and genuine are the flavors and the scents of extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish or succulent lamb that will take you on a journey from a beach-side taverna to a rural mezze shop, where platters are shared among family and friends.

Highlights from the menu include:

Keftedes- Beef meatballs served with a side of tzatziki sauce, Bougiourdi –
Red Peppers stuffed with spicy feta cheese, Saganaki with Figs, Melitzanosalata – Smoked eggplant mixed with herbs, Tzatziki – Yogurt mixed with cucumber, extra virgin olive oil and garlic, Dolmades Gialatzi-
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and a side of herb tzatziki sauce, and Spanakopita – Phyllo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, and herbs for starters, which are great to share!

Entrees include: Kalamaki Souvlaki – Beef skewers served with fresh onion, sliced tomato, in-house bread and lemon with a side of tzatziki sauce, Souvlaki me Pita – Beef skewers wrapped in pita bread, with fresh tomatoes, onion, tzatziki and red paprika, Paidakia Stin Shara – 4 grilled lamb chops served with vegetables of the day, Filet Mignon (10 oz) – Prime Scottish Black Angus Filet Charbroiled, Ribeye Steak (12 oz) – Prime Scottish Black Angus Ribeye Charbroiled, Imam Baildi – Whole eggplant filled with eggplant and tomato filling

Salads include the Horiatiki – Greek salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese and green pepper, topped with extra virgin olive oil and organic vinegar, Maroulosalata – Thinly sliced lettuce tossed with dill, spring onion, extra virgin olive oil and lemon, Fasolosalata – Three types of beans mixed with dill, spring onion, extra virgin olive oil and lemon, Blu Salata – Rocket leaves mixed with capers, anchovies, pine nuts and topped with Kefalotiri cheese and Blu sauce.

Not to be missed are fresh whole fish specials, including: Sea Bream and Sea Bass, as well as the Psarika Anamikta Seafood Platter with Grilled Squid, and 2 Jumbo Prawns.


Blu Kouzina
25 North Boulevard of the Presidents
Sarasota, FL 34236

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