Giordano’s: Home of Chicago’s Famed “Deep Dish” Pizza, a Must Experience in Chicago, Illinois (locations in Orlando, FL, Indiana, and Minnesota)



Giordano’s has numerous locations throughout the Chicago area. Other locations nationwide include the Orlando, Florida area, Indiana, and Minnesota. Giordano’s is a Fred Bollaci Enterprises Preferred Destination.


The Original “Deep Dish” at Giordano’s


Giordano’s 200-year-old family recipe and tradition of “Deep Dish” Pizzas began in a small northern Italian town near Torino. “Mama Giordano” was famous around town for her excellent cooking. Of all her renowned dishes, her most beloved meal was her “Italian Easter Pie.” Mama Giordano would serve this double- crusted, cheese stuffed masterpiece every year for Easter. This pizza pie became a sacred tradition in the Giordano family and a legend in the town of Torino. Years later, original owners and Italian immigrants Efren and Joseph Boglio moved to Chicago to start their own pizza business, introducing to America their Mama’s recipe for stuffed pizza. In 1974, on Chicago’s historic south side, Efren and Joseph opened the first Giordano’s. Over the next 40 years, hundreds of critics announced Giordano’s as the city’s “best” stuffed pizza! Enjoy other great starters, fresh salads, pasta, and unique sandwiches.

Growing up in New York, home to its signature variety of thin crust pizza, and the culture of grabbing a slice of thin, crispy pizza, quickly tossed into the hot oven, and even folding it and eating on the go (New Yorkers can’t seem to sit still), and spending time in Italy, where hot wood-burning ovens spin out piping hot mini pizzas in several minutes, I was intrigued on my first visit to Chicago to experience “Deep Dish.”

As the Giordano story above describes, and I completely concur, the “Deep Dish” truly is more like a pie, reminiscent of a quiche without eggs (though I imagine eggs would also work). Hearing lots of things about Giordano’s, and that each “Deep Dish” pie is made to order (and takes 45 minutes to bake), I was most curious. This fast-paced New Yorker though “45 minutes for a pizza?” I’m glad I had the patience to visit Giordano’s, enjoy their wonderful fresh salad with shaved Parmesan and fresh fennel, and sample the “Deep Dish.” Whether you are in Chicago, or visit one of their other locations, Giordano’s, and the “Deep Dish” is worth a try! Note: they also feature thin crust pizzas.


Excellent Salad!



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