Golden Palate Italia: Daniel, Milan: Contemporary Italian with Global Influences by Chef Daniel Canzian, Milan, Italy



Milan’s Restaurant Daniel features contemporary Italian cuisine by Star Chef Daniel Canzian, whose goal is “to dignify the simplicity and which is based on the concept of the “REMOVE” that is to subtract all those ingredients of “too much” present in a recipe. A large kitchen does not mean complicated cooking: a large kitchen can be a boiled turkey, lobster cooked at the last moment, a salad freshly picked from the garden and topped at the table.”

Daniel wants to bring out what is best in Italian gastronomy, just honest and Mediterranean dishes, which will follow the four seasons changing depending on the availability of raw materials, creating a direct link between the raw material and audience.

The heart of the restaurant is the KITCHEN, from the dining room. Not even a glass separates kitchen staff and diners because we believe it is important direct contact between the chef and guests. We think it is fascinating that the customer becomes SPECTATOR, and therefore can see the chefs at work in their magical “performance.” Only in this way we can send the technique, the passion, the need for, coordination, balance, concentration and teamwork is unique about a chef.

Daniel’s wine list is mainly Italian to emphasize and strengthen the relations between the Italian cuisine and the territory. Daniel allows for BYO, permitting customers to bring wine from home (or pick up a nice bottle in a wine shop on the way) as many of us often get a bottle of great wine and you never get a chance to open it–now you can and come to enjoy it paired with the ‘haute cuisine’ at Daniel.


It ‘a risotto alla parmigiana cooked with lightly smoked chicken broth to which are sprinkled over three spices.
Rice is the most consumed cereal in the world, but the risotto technique is Veneto-Lombard. Parmesan is the Italian spirit. paprika, curry and black tea are respectively the West the East and Far East. Hence the risotto alla parmigiana (Italy) welcomes the world’s cultures.
Daniel Canzian

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Images courtesy of the restaurant.

Ristorante Daniel has been awarded the Fred Bollaci Enterprises Golden Palate Italia Certificate of Excellence!




Ristorante Daniel Milano

Via San Marco angolo Castelfidardo, Milano, Italy

+39 02 6379 3837


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