GOLF KITCHEN RECIPE: LOBSTERS AND CUCUMBERS Recipe by Jason Voiselle, Executive Chef at Naples National Golf Club, Naples, Florida


Recipe by Jason Voiselle, Executive Chef at Naples National Golf Club, Naples, Florida, USA

Recipe and photo courtesy of Golf Kitchen Magazine by Diana DeLucia

Serves 4


4 Maine Lobster Tail (steamed in shell, split lengthwise, removed from shell)

Cucumber & Fennel Salad
1 European Cucumber (sliced lengthwise)
1 Fennel Bulb

2 teaspoons Shallots (minced)
2 Tablespoons Champagne Wine Vinegar
1 teaspoon Kosher Salt
½ teaspoon Fresh Ground Black Pepper
2 teaspoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Sour Cream
1 ½ teaspoons Dill (chopped)
2 teaspoons Mint (chopped)
1 Tablespoon Chives (minced)

12 Leaves
12 Petite Rainbow Lucky Sorrel
12 Mustard Blooms
Fennel Pollen (as needed)

Chef Note: Garnish supplied by The Chef’s Garden, Huron, Ohio.


Cucumber & Fennel Salad

Using a mandoline, thinly slice the cucumber on the bias about 1/8” thick. Slice the fennel bulb about 1/16” thick and place in a small stainless-steel bowl. Reserve in refrigerator for service.


In a small bowl combine shallot, vinegar, salt, pepper and sugar. Mix well, then whisk in sour cream. Add the cucumber and fennel, mix gently by hand. Add the dill, mint and chives. Reserve in cooler for minimum of two hours before service.


Place approximately one cup of cucumber/fennel mixture in a tight nest in center of plate. Top the salad with the two of the lobster tail halves with the colorful side of the lobster exposed. Garnish with nasturtium, sorrel and mustard blooms. Dust the salad with fennel pollen Serve immediately.

Wine Match

Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch Chardonnay 2017

​ ~ Dan Ano is the Food and Beverage Manager/Wine Consultant at Naples National and has developed one of the leading wine programs in the private golf club industry.

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