GOLF KITCHEN RECIPE: ROASTED QUAIL WITH SPRING SALAD Recipe by Anthony Giacoponello, Executive Chef, Sebonack Golf Club, Southampton, New York




Recipe by Anthony Giacoponello, Executive Chef, Sebonack Golf Club, Southampton, New York

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1 Lemon
1 Lime
Dijon Mustard ( to taste)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
Olive Oil (drizzle)

Spring Salad
(Yields: 4)
1 Head of Frisee
4 oz. Pea Shoots
6 ea. Radish
5 oz. Arugula
1 Lemon
1 Limes
6 oz. Pomegranate

Roasted Quail
(Yields: 4)
4 Semi Boneless Quail
2 ea. shallots
8 oz. Sherry Vinegar
8 oz. Veal Jus
Kosher Salt (to taste)
Ground Black Pepper (to taste)



Cut the lemon and lime in half and squeeze the juice in to a bowl.

Add the left over juice from the segments.

Add the Dijon mustard and salt and pepper.

While whisking add the olive oil until a good consistency is made.

Spring Salad

Cut the bottom root off of the frisee.

Slowly pick out the dark green edge and discard

.Place the remaining yellow portion of the frisee in ice water.

Soak for 5 minutes, agitating it to remove any sand.

Finely slice the radish on a Mandoline. Pick through the arugula and snip off the heavier stems.

To make the lemon and lime segments: cut the top and bottom off. While it sits evenly with your pairing knife follow the shape of the fruit just taking the white pith off. Be careful not to go too deep.

After, hold the fruit in your hand and with your knife make “V” cut in between each segment and let the segment fall on to your cutting board.

Take the remaining fruit and squeeze the juice in to a bowl and discard the rest.

In a bowl add all the ingredients together and lightly toss them together with the vinaigrette. Make sure you put enough to coat the salad nicely.

Roasted Quail

Season each quail with salt and pepper.

In a medium sauté pan, heat the olive oil until it smokes.

Add the Quail skin side down and let sit for 2 min.

Lightly press the quail down to ensure a nice even sear.

Turn the quail over and repeat the process, then remove.

Lower the heat, add the shallots and butter.

Just as the shallots get some color deglaze with the sherry vinegar.

After you have reduced the vinegar add the veal jus. Reduce that by half.

Turn the heat off and add the butter.

Swirl the butter in to the sauce.

Cut each quail in half.


On one side of the plate stack the dressed salad in a nice pile accenting all of the colorful ingredients.

Next to the salad slightly overlapping, lay the half quails. 3 halves per portion.

Take the sauce and spoon generously over the quail.

Serve immediately.

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