Il Cantinori: Legendary Authentic “Golden Palate®” Tuscan Restaurant Epitomizes and Emphasizes “Healthy-Gourmet” in Lower Manhattan, New York, NY.



Il Cantinori, a New York City favorite in lower Manhattan for over 30 years has been named a new Golden Palate Partner and recipient of the Fred Bollaci Enterprises Golden Palate Certificate of Excellence® recognizing the best in healthy-gourmet dining destinations worldwide!

The much-loved New York landmark, Il Cantinori has been at the forefront of Tuscan cuisine in New York City since opening in 1983. Original chef, Antonio Cinardi is still with us, as are many of our employees. Owned by Steve Tzolis, Nicola Kotsoni (of Periyali and Bar Six), and Frank Minieri, the restaurant continues to delight diners with an ever-changing menu featuring Tuscan classics and innovative, seasonal Italian cuisine. Over the years, Il Cantinori has compiled hundreds of recipes that have been customer favorites in the past from which the chef can draw, as well as staying in step with the times by creating exciting new preparations. Italians, and Il Cantinori abide by the motto: “Use the best possible ingredients, and do as little with them as possible.” Strict adherence to utilizing the freshest, best ingredients in an authentic, minimalistic Tuscan style has been key to the restaurant’s resounding success. Chef Cinardi wants diners to know that Tuscan cuisine is essentially healthy cuisine. It is fresh, simple, light, and seasonal, combining the bounty of the Mediterranean sea and staples like quality olive oil and wines, with the bounty of the land, which is rich in game, fruits, and produce.


Il Cantinori prides itself on its commitment to accommodate special requests, both in terms of altering their preparations, and a simple desire to provide an enjoyable, flavorful, quality meal to those of our customers who have special dietary needs. I call this “diner friendly,” a restaurant that caters to people who want to be healthy or have food sensitivities is definitely my kind of place! In losing a lot of weight and maintaining a healthy gourmet lifestyle, it is important for me to know that there are restaurants which emphasize my kind of lifestyle and overall philosophy.



Grilled Calamari and Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese

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The staff at Il Cantinori is professional, and not the least bit “stuffy” or formal. The restaurant is also a favorite spot for weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate functions, and holiday gatherings. The warm, casual, yet sophisticated atmosphere reminds me of restaurants in Italy, with beautiful floral arrangements in an elegant, rustic environment. The restaurant features an extensive wine list and full cocktail menu as well.




See you in New York, and please be sure to tell the folks at Il Cantinori that Fred Bollaci sent you, and buon’ appetito!

Il Cantinori

32 E 10th St.

New York, NY 10003

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