Il Convivio dei Troiani: Michelin-Star Roman “Alta Cucina” Golden Palate® Elegance in Rome, Italy


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Located in the heart of Rome, Il Convivio Troiani highlights Italian and Roman heritage and tradition of artistry, beauty, culture, history, tradition, fine wine, and gourmet cuisine, and projects this heritage into the present time. Convivio’s cuisine combines tradition and modernity, based on selected natural ingredients cooked with passion and experience, technique gained through years of rigorous studies and artistic imagination. The result is a personal style of cooking, in tune with the seasons and the local bounty from the land and sea.

The Convivio: the story of Massimo, Angelo and Giuseppe Troiani
The three brothers, Massimo, Angelo, and Giuseppe Troiani started this exciting story  over twenty years ago. The trio decided to migrate from the Marche region on Italy’s Adriatic coast to the east to Rome in 1988. The realized their dream of opening their own restaurant becomes in 1990. After considerable success in their original location, in 1998 they moved to the current location in Vicolo dei Soldati 31, a short distance from Piazza Navona, and the restaurant was subsequently awarded its first Michelin star. The Restaurant features three elegant rooms under vaulted ceilings are situated in an historical building, surmounted by an ancient tower where former soldiers were quartered. The brothers’  latest project is totally dedicated to fish and seafood that has also garnered rave reviews: Restaurant Acquolina, leaded by Chef Giulio Terrinoni.  Il Convivio assigns the utmost importance to top quality raw ingredients that provide certified quality such as organic agriculture, PDO (Protected Designations of Origin), and PGI (Protected Geographical Indications) products and also food chains that are compatible with the environment.

Service is white glove and in gorgeous, elegant, comfortable, yet modern surroundings. You will be treated like royalty, without any hint of pretense. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, elegant restaurants in the Eternal City.
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Seafood “Carbonara”


Il Convivio Troiani

Vicolo dei Soldati, 31

Rome, Italy 00186


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