Trattoria Perilli: Favorite of Roman “Locals” in Testaccio, Serving Rome’s Top Carbonara!


Perilli a Testaccio dal 1911 (of Testaccio since 1911), or just “Perilli” as the local Roman devotees call it, is home to perhaps the best example of classic Roman cuisine done right, and gets high marks among locals who swear the Carbonara is the best in the city which invented it! Served not too light, nor too rich, with al dente rigatoni in a large bowl is the classic presentation here, with just enough bright yellow-orange egg yolk, freshly grated pecorino, and crunchy guanciale to make it fantastic!

In addition to the mandatory Carbonara, enjoy other Roman specialties, such as Braised Oxtail, Vignarola (Vegetable Soup in Spring), Saltimbocca, Artichokes, Puntarelle Salad (in autumn), and a wide variety of antipasti, vegetables, cheeses, and cured meats from a large antipasto table in the large dining room. It’s not fancy, but totally Roman, most of the diners are locals. In fact, if you don’t speak Italian, and aren’t introduced by a local, this one has been known to be a bit intimidating. Nonetheless, if you are adventurous, speak a bit of Italian, and want to eat like a local, it is worth the effort. Perilli has been awarded the Golden Palate Italia Certificate of Excellence!


Vignarola Soup


Lots to choose from, including fresh mozzarella di bufala, baked tomatoes, sautéed chicory (cicoria), cardoons, artichokes, and more!


Perilli’s famous Carbonara!




Via Marmorata, 39
+39.06.575 5100



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