Announcing the Newest Golden Palate Italia® Partners and Preferred Destinations!


December 4, 2015–ROME, ITALY & NEW YORK, NY, USA. Fred Bollaci, international healthy-gourmet lifestyle expert and connoisseur of 21st Century “la dolce vita” lifestyle in Italy and the U.S. has recently returned from a month in Italy, and is proud to announce the latest award winners: 60 new Golden Palate Partners, restaurants which exemplify the very best in cuisine and service, with lighter options available to discerning connoisseurs, new top hotels at every price point, exceptional, dedicated artisans, exquisite markets, amazing wineries, and the best merchants, as well as over 40 new Preferred Destinations in Italy, great establishments worth including on your next Italian itinerary. “This is a perfect way to begin the third year of Fred Bollaci Enterprises, by adding 100 new top establishments in Italy–we now have 110 Golden Palate restaurants and food-related establishments, 40 Preferred Destination restaurants, 30 Golden Palate hotels, 130 Preferred Destination hotels, 10 Golden Palate wineries, and 30 Preferred Destination wineries, and counting.”

Pictured above: Fred Bollaci at new Golden Palate award winner, Spaghetti in the Family cooking class at the home of the Baratta family in Monte Sacro, in Rome.

“Golden Palate Italia® recognition has expanded beyond food, wine, and lodging,” Bollaci said. “New honorees include ex-pat and Rome-based author and food writer Elizabeth Minchilli and daughter Sophie, who offer personalized food tours of Rome and surroundings, ideal for small groups looking for a custom-tailored, intimate, authentic experience. Elizabeth and Sophie make sampling the best of Rome a ‘piece of cake,’ they speak perfect English and know where to go for anything you might want to try– a personal guide who knows the city inside-out, and will move you past the tourist traps to the places locals love is extremely appealing to any food connoisseur interested in enjoying the best without having to do exhaustive research and planning,” Bollaci said. “Whatever your culinary interests, I highly suggest getting in touch with Elizabeth and Sophie to guide you on your culinary journey through Rome.” Other award-winners include Spaghetti in the Family, a unique cooking school inside the home of a large Roman family– you shop, cook, and eat with ‘the famiglia,’ it is excellent,” Bollaci said. If you want a break from touring museums and monuments, and dealing with crowds of tourists and want something local and authentic and want to learn to shop and cook like a Roman, this is for you! I have also expanded my Golden Palate award and Preferred Destination program to recognize leading merchants. Whatever you are looking for, my goal is to make your life in Italy as simple as at home, guiding you to the best, where you will be treated right and find the best quality. Included is a Murano glass store in Rome (in case you don’t get to Venice on your next trip), an artisan ceramic shop, and men’s & women’s hairstylist in Rome (so you can be styled like a Roman), establishments whose owners provide guests with top notch products and service.” New inductees for 2015 are focused in Rome and the surrounding province of Lazio, but also include a restaurant in the beautiful, medieval hill town of Orvieto, Umbria, and a winery on the Umbria-Lazio border, several top establishments in Tuscany, as well as in Abruzzo, and Liguria.

“My objective in compiling a comprehensive and growing list of Golden Palate award winners and Preferred Destinations throughout Italy is to make my lifestyle convenient and accessible to Americans of good taste looking to enjoy Italy, and is the counterpart to my Golden Palate and Preferred Destination program in the States. My Golden Palate winners in Italy, such as my inaugural Charter Member, Toscana Saporita and Chef/Owner Sandra Lotti take guests way beyond the typical Italian experience and offer a hands-on, full immersion experience into the very best of Italian cuisine, culture, and lifestyle! My new Golden Palate award winners expand upon what we began last year, and help provide a comprehensive authentic, excellent Italian experience.

“What’s next? … Look for a guidebook and App in the near future, my registry of the very best, both in the U.S., and in Italy, in addition to my upcoming healthy-gourmet weight loss and lifestyle book,” Bollaci said. “After introducing my book and touring the U.S., the logical next step is to do the same thing, write about healthy-gourmet, 21st Century ‘la dolce vita’ in Italy, as many of the ideas I adopted in transforming my own lifestyle originated in my travels and time studying abroad in Italy during college. The new Golden Palates and Preferred Destinations have been added to my more than 75 existing Golden Palate Italia™ Partners named last year, all of which have been renewed for 2015-16, making a total of over 350 Golden Palate Partners and Preferred Destinations all over Italy, an intricate roadmap to the best of the best! Finally, connoisseurs can look beyond the noise and experience the places I and esteemed members of my Advisory Board in Italy have personally vetted, experienced, and recommend! New honorees have a notation next to their entry on the master list for Italy, which can be found at: Partner & Preferred Destination Restaurants/Food, Golden Palate & Preferred Lodging, and Golden Palate Wineries. Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements in the coming weeks from Italy!


Pictured above: the Campo de’ Fiori Market in Rome.


Pictured above: Pasta with Roman Cauliflower at new Golden Palate winery, Falesco in Umbria, 1 hour, 20 minutes north of Rome.


Pictured: the vineyards at new Golden Palate winery, Casale del Giglio in Lazio, 40km. south of Rome along the coast.





Pictured: gelato at Gracchi, Pizza at Pizzarium, and making Saltimbocca alla Romana (veal with prosciutto and sage) at Spaghetti in the family in Rome.

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I'm CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises. I lost more than 100 pounds while living "La Dolce Vita" and I'm now known as "The Healthy Gourmet." Sample the good life with me through fitness, fine food, and good wine. Meet chefs who cater to a healthy gourmet lifestyle through my Golden Palate blog.
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