Fred Bollaci Enterprises Announces Inaugural “Golden Palate Italia” Partners: The “Who’s Who” of Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Wineries, Culinary Schools, and Artisanal Producers throughout Italy

Golden Palate Partner


Fred Bollaci Enterprises Announces Golden Palate Italia Partners 

November 5, 2014, NEW YORK, NY, USA and ROME, ITALY: Fred Bollaci, CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises, THE definitive international healthy gourmet lifestyle expert, and food, wine, travel, and fitness connoisseur, has just returned from several weeks traveling throughout Italy, and is proud to announce his latest initiative, the highly prestigious “Golden Palate Italia,” drawing from the success of his Golden Palate initiative in the United States, Mr. Bollaci is excited to be taking his concept abroad. “There is no place that exemplifies what my ‘dolce vita’ healthy, gourmet lifestyle is all about than Italy,” Bollaci said. Fred Bollaci Enterprises has named over sixty outstanding establishments all over Italy (Rome, Florence, Tuscany, The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Ischia, Venice, Bologna, Milan/Como, Portofino, and Sicily) as his inaugural Golden Palate Italia Partners for the year 2014, and will be naming additional Golden Palate Italia Partners in 2015 and beyond.

Mr. Bollaci is thrilled to recognize the “Who’s Who” of outstanding restaurants–at every price point, including classic ristoranti, trattorie, osterie, pizzerie, as well as hotels, spas, wineries, a culinary school, and artisan producers that share his commitment to the very best quality, a “hands-on” ownership philosophy, as well as a commitment to understanding today’s health-conscious consumer. “My Golden Palate Italia Partners are recipients of the highest honor I can give, as an Italian-American travel expert who has traveled all over Italy many times. These establishments are truly the best of the best, and set themselves apart from other great establishments with their personalized attention to detail and dedication to their customers, and whose quality is second to none. Just like in the States, there are establishments in Italy that go the extra mile to deliver an unforgettable experience, products, and services. It begins and ends with the people. Those owners, managers, chefs, and staff who truly care. The passion is evident. People doing what they love and loving what they do. It makes all the difference in the world. My Golden Palate Partners in Italy and in the US are a family of proprietors who “get it,” and whose enthusiasm and concern for the enjoyment and satisfaction of their customers permeates the organization and translates into an unforgettable experience, that is what I look for,” Bollaci said. “I am proud to announce the following establishments as my inaugural Golden Palate Italia Partners.”

“My goal in establishing Golden Palate Italia is to provide Americans and travelers of good taste a user-friendly reference to guide them to the best Italy has to offer,” Bollaci said. “Although I have the benefit of having studied and learned the language in university and in Italy, I want anyone who has the desire to explore this magical country, whether they are of Italian descent or not, whether they speak Italian or not, to be able to explore these extraordinary places that I have enjoyed, making traveling in Italy a ‘home away from home’ experience of a lifetime. These establishments enable patrons to enjoy the best, and by adopting the Italian philosophy of ‘less is more’ and by incorporating an enjoyable ‘passeggiata’ or walk into your day, you too can enjoy the best flavors and hospitality Italy has to offer, without the guilt. I would like to see Americans become more familiar with the Italian way of life, how they treat food, exercise, and living in general. Italians seem to take stresses with a grain of salt and like to savor life. I drew a lot of inspiration from my months traveling throughout Italy when I sought to lose 150 pounds my way and as I continue to enjoy my healthy, gourmet ‘la dolce vita’ lifestyle each day,” Bollaci said. “Long-range goals for my namesake company include a Michelin-like guidebook covering both the United States and Italy, (eventually other destinations as well), showcasing the excellent establishments and owners who make the grade. Italy is very important to me, growing up Italian-American and having enjoyed visiting my homeland over the years.

The Italian lifestyle is very much synonymous with my ‘Dolce Vita’ lifestyle: enjoying the best products and places possible, eating with the seasons–fresh and local, taking a passeggiata, and not overdoing. Italian Dolce Vita living is about enjoying the best and savoring life, not overdoing. In Italy, one might have a two-hour lunch with several excellent courses, and simply take a passeggiata and have a gelato and coffee or fruit for dinner. Italians are surrounded by such beauty and exquisite freshness that they have learned to take it in stride and pace themselves. The Italian way of life is all about enjoyment in moderation and balance. Enjoying the best quality, freshest, local, seasonal ingredients in reasonable, realistic proportions, exercising, and having a positive attitude all contribute. Italians don’t just “take a walk,” they take a “bella passeggiata” or a “beautiful walk.” Even a cup of coffee is “un bel caffe’,” a beautiful coffee! The Italian diet is very much the “Mediterranean Diet” filled with fresh produce, grains, olives, olive oil, and the freshest seafood imaginable. The style of cooking is light, with the exceptions of traditional plates prepared for holidays and celebrations.” Food is an integral part of the Italian passion for life– food in Italy is art and it is sustenance. People respect food. It is a time-honored passion, but you don’t see many Italians with weight problems. Italians seem to appreciate their cuisine and make exercise and enjoyment of their amazing cuisine a part of life.

Mr. Bollaci recently spent a week at the prestigious “Toscana Saporita” Culinary School near Lucca. Owned and operated by renowned chef Sandra Lotti for some twenty years, Toscana Saporita is geared to Americans of good taste who enjoy cooking, dining, and want to learn more about authentic Tuscan cuisine and enjoy a full-imersion Tuscan experience. Students learn and prepare everything from pizza, fresh pasta, risotto, polenta, desserts, and so much more, and enjoy daily excursions to places including Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Forte dei Marmi, and Viareggio, and even go on a white truffle hunt and savor an exquisite white truffle lunch at Savini Tartufi, located nearby. Guests have included Mario Batali and Mary Ann Esposito. Sandra has published numerous books, and has been invited to prepare meals at the James Beard House. Along with Chef Christopher Covelli, the pair is hosting an authentic Tuscan meal December 3, 2014 at The James Beard House in New York City. “I wouldn’t miss it,” Bollaci said. “The experience at Toscana Saporita is like none other. You are staying on a beautiful working Tuscan farm in a spectacular area of Italy. Sandra, Chris, and the people who run it are incredible. The other students are wonderful. We had a blast! I have enjoyed preparing Italian-American and authentic Italian cuisine for years, and I learned so much while at Toscana Saporita. We got to experience first-hand the essence of local, regional, seasonal cuisine. Sandra showed students how Italians are into “clean” eating, and the freshness and quality of what they consume is paramount. My motto is “you are what you eat, so you should eat well!” Italian cuisine in Italy is about quality. Start with the best ingredients, and adhere to time-honored traditions and mix it up a little. Making fresh pasta in many different colors was so much fun! We felt like kids in a candy store! Sandra is one of the loveliest, most knowledgeable, and down to earth people I have met, and her approach to teaching the authentic Tuscan cuisine of her upbringing near Lucca is extraordinary. Our week at Toscana Saporita flew by–we felt like a “famiglia;” nobody wanted to leave! I will be back for the advanced class soon, and highly recommend Toscana Saporita, my first Culinary School Golden Palate Partner!”

Fred Bollaci’s goal in establishing the Golden Palate Italia program is to make healthy, gourmet Italy more approachable to Americans and international English-speaking travelers of good taste, looking for excellent places to try in Italy. “These establishments create a ‘home away from home’ experience, making it easy for Americans of good taste to enjoy traveling around Italy. With over sixty inaugural Golden Palate Italia Partners throughout Italy, the “Golden Palate Road ™” I am developing is a road map of good taste! Follow me to the best Italy has to offer…There will be more Italian Golden Palates in 2015,” Bollaci said. “This is an ongoing program and as I visit Italy in the future, there are sure to be more excellent establishments that deserve special recognition and support.” Fred Bollaci, along with his esteemed Advisory Board, made up of top restaurateurs, hoteliers, winemakers, connoisseurs, and industry leaders in the U.S., Italy, and worldwide conduct extensive research and due diligence before visiting properties to consider them for Golden Palate recognition.

“This is a very exclusive club, and growing worldwide family,” Fred Bollaci said. I live the healthy, gourmet lifestyle at home and abroad, and continually look for new destinations and visit old favorites. The best way to keep the incredible life I have earned is to live it and share it with others. I am living proof that healthy and gourmet should go together, both at home, and in Italy.” More than 60 fabulous restaurants, hotels, wineries, and more are my newest Golden Palate Partners. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people and establishments that represent who I am and what I am all about. Fred’s Golden Palate Italia Partners and features from Fred’s Italian gourmet culinary excursion will be featured on the Fred Bollaci Enterprises’ website and blog over the course of the next few weeks:

Golden Palate Italia Partners



Antica Trattoria da Luigi
Assunta Madre (also in London)

Casa Bleve
Cesarina Ristorante
Checco er Carettiere
Dal Bolognese (also in Milan)

Glass Hostaria
Hostaria Da Pietro

Il Convivio Troiani

Il Pagliaccio
Osteria delle Commari
La Nuova Fiorentina
La Rosetta
Mastino (Fregene- at the seaside)
Molo 10
Osteria Romana di Simmi
Pizza Re’ and Re’ Cafe’ (3 locations)
Quinzi e Gabrieli
Ristorante Dal Toscano
Ristorante Piperno

Ristorante Tullio

Trattoria Der Pallaro


Da Cesari
Tamburini (market)

Buca Mario
Enoteca Picchiorri

Pienza: La Buca delle Fate


Harry’s Bar

Osteria da Fiore

Locanda Cipriani (Torcello)

da Gemma (also in Amalfi)
da Gioia
da Giorgio 
da Luigi ai Faraglioni
La Canzone del Mare
La Capannina
La Fontelina
Il Geranio


da Gemma (Amalfi, also in Capri)

La Cambusa (Positano)

La Tagliata (Positano)


La Capinera

An artisan producer…

Savini Tartufi (truffles)


Rome: Hotel de RussieHotel Eden and Restaurant “La Terrazza dell’Eden”Hotel Parco dei Principi and Restaurant “Pauline Borghese”The First Hotel and Restaurant “all’ Oro”Cavalieri Waldorf-Astoria and Restaurant Heinz Beck (Monte Mario/Rome), Hotel Splendide Royal and Mirabelle Restaurant

Florence: Hotel BerchielliHotel Brunelleschi, and Relais Santa Croce

Lake Como: Villa D’Este

Culinary School (Lucca/Pisa Area, Tuscany)
Toscana Saporita Culinary School (by Sandra Lotti Rosi)

Il Pellicano (Hotel and Restaurant, Porto Ercole, Tuscany)

Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo
Hotel Cipriani

Hotel Splendido

Amalfi Coast/Positano (Hotels/Restaurants)
Hotel Il San Pietro
Hotel Santa Caterina
Le Sirenuse

Grand Hotel Quisisana and La Colombaia Restaurant
Hotel Punta Tragara and Restaurant Monzu

Hotel Mezza Torre and Restaurant

Grand Hotel San Pietro and Restaurant Il Giardino degli Ulivi (Taormina)
Splendid Hotel La Torre (Mondello/Palermo)


Castello Banfi (and Banfi Il Borgo Hotel) (Montalcino, Tuscany)
Cantine Cennatoio (Florence)
Cantine Marisa Cuomo (San Michele/Amalfi Coast)
Murgo (Etna, Sicily)
Planeta (Menfi, and Six distinct sites in Sicily)


Caffe’ Sant’ Eustachio (Rome)

La Tazza d’Oro (Rome)

Giolitti (Rome)

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