Fred Bollaci Writes Showcase on Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Ultra Premium, All-Natural, Organic Drink Mixes Created by Keith E. Davis of the Beloved Golden Pear Cafe’s and Catering Company, Celebrating 30 Years in The Hamptons, NY!


Fred Bollaci has written a spotlight feature on his friend and Platinum Palate award-winner, Keith E. Davis of the Golden Pear Cafe’s in the Hamptons and the launch of his already wildly popular Keith’s Nervous Breakdown Ultra Premium all-natural, organic cocktail mixes, featured in this summer’s Venu Magazine!

“It’s a party in a bottle,” Fred said– they look gorgeous! #NervousBreakdown is definitely THE DRINK of the summer! Get yours delivered to your door anywhere in America by shopping online at, and find it sold at many fine retailers on Long Island (including The Golden Pear) and throughout the New York area, as well as served at many fine restaurants and bars all over New York!

Not only are the inaugural Margarita Mix (Cranberry-Pomegranate) and Rum Punch delicious, they are all-natural and organic, sweetened with organic agave nectar instead of high fructose corn syrup, like other brands. Why have a drink when you can have a Nervous Breakdown?

About Fred Bollaci

I'm CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises. I lost more than 100 pounds while living "La Dolce Vita" and I'm now known as "The Healthy Gourmet." Sample the good life with me through fitness, fine food, and good wine. Meet chefs who cater to a healthy gourmet lifestyle through my Golden Palate blog.
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