Fred Bollaci’s Book “The Restaurant Diet” Features 4 Celebrity Cover Endorsements!

Currently available for pre-order, and with a nationwide print and online release date fast approaching, Fred Bollaci is proud to announce “The Restaurant Diet” has received four resounding celebrity endorsements on the cover!”

On the front cover, is renowned Michelin Star NYC Chef Gabriel Kreuther. “The Restaurant Diet, with its smart educated choices, will revolutionize the world of dieting. As a chef and restaurant owner, I am excited to be part of this game-changing book and way of life—where fine dining restaurants are a conscious dieter’s friend.”

—Gabriel Kreuther Michelin Star Chef and Restaurant Owner

The back cover features endorsements from three well-known individuals who come from different backgrounds, and all have read the book and reached the same conclusion, “The Restaurant Diet” is a must read, and is poised to turn the world of weight loss on its head!

The endorsements are as follows:

Monty and Sara Preiser, photo courtesy of The American Fine Wine Competition

“As a long-time food and wine writer, as well as lawyer and vintner, I have spent over twenty years studying health and nutrition with some of the country’s best academics, nutritionists, and chefs. I know of no other book that offers its readers the opportunity to learn how to remain healthy without giving up the pleasure that dining out brings. Fred’s book is a smorgasbord of sweet suggestions.”

—Monty Preiser, Publisher of The Preiser Key to Napa Valley and The Preiser Key to Sonoma County magazines and Co-Founder of The American Fine Wine Competition. (Also co-owner of Shadowbox Cellars in Napa).

Fred Bollaci with Chef Amy Chamberlain, The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern, Manchester, Vermont.

“Thank you, Fred, for telling the world that restaurants and their chefs want nothing more than to make their customers happy! This is an excellent guide for everyone who enjoys dining out and wants to be healthy.”

—Amy Chamberlain, Chef/Owner, The Perfect Wife Restaurant and Tavern, #1 Vermont Chef

Fred Bollaci with Cemi Guzman and Chef Gabriel Kreuther

“Es Maravilloso. I have had the privilege of experiencing one of these unforgettable, easy-to-implement, restaurant luncheons with Fred. If you’re someone that is always on the move and eats out at restaurants a lot, or someone that wants to learn new ways of healthier eating without the sacrifice of foods we all love, this is a must-read!”

—Cemi Guzman, Hollywood producer, actor, model

Fred Bollaci’s game-changing weight loss book, featuring 125 recipes designed for healthy-gourmet living from 100 top restaurants nationwide will be on shelves January 15, 2018!

From the book:

“People fail at dieting not because they are failures—they fail because the diet plans they follow are flawed.”
—Fred Bollaci

Not that along ago, Fred Bollaci weighed close to 330 pounds. Over a one-year period, he lost 150 pounds following a comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan that he had carefully designed and developed in conjunction with his doctor, nutritionist, and psychologist. You might be wondering: what kind of starvation diet was he on to accomplish such a miraculous feat?

The answer: none. He didn’t deprive himself of anything as he lost weight and kept it off. In fact, Fred enjoyed eating more than ever as he shed pounds doing what he loves: dining out.

In “The Restaurant Diet,” Fred shares his secrets on how to dine out and lose weight. You’ll learn how to take back some of the control you have been conceding every time you sit down at a restaurant and struggle to select waist-friendly items from the menu. Stay tuned for book signings and special events with author Fred Bollaci in 2018! Order yours today by clicking on the links to Amazon and Barnes and from the homepage of Fred Bollaci Enterprises!

About Fred Bollaci

I'm CEO and President of Fred Bollaci Enterprises. I lost more than 100 pounds while living "La Dolce Vita" and I'm now known as "The Healthy Gourmet." Sample the good life with me through fitness, fine food, and good wine. Meet chefs who cater to a healthy gourmet lifestyle through my Golden Palate blog.
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