Sugar Free Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries

slideshow9Serves 8

Heavy cream 1 quart
Whole milk 1 quart
Sugar substitute 12 ounces
Gelatin leaves 10 ea (or 3 packets powder gelatin)
Vanilla bean 1 pod

1. Soak gelatin in ice water, and set aside – if using powdered, then reserve  a small amount of the milk to bloom the gelatin in.
2. Bring heavy cream and milk to a boil and stir in sugar substitute until dissolved
3. Open vanilla bean pod and scrape all the beans add in the cream
4. Gentle stir in soft gelatin until all dissolved (or the milk/powdered  gelatin mix)
5. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before dividing between 8 high ball or martini glasses.
6. Chill 3-4 hour in the cooler to set

Garnish the tops of the panna cotta with mixed fresh berries. Add some
picked mint or basil leaf if desired.

Courtesy of Chef Zach Bell of Addison Reserve Country Club, Delray Beach, FL

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