Advertising Opportunities/Review Policies/Disclaimer

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Fred Bollaci welcomes top establishments, chefs, restaurants, hotels, wineries, and brands that promote a healthy, gourmet lifestyle, including foods, beverage, fitness and lifestyle products, travel services, and more to advertise on this site, or to be a sponsor. Numerous opportunities exist, including being part of a slideshow on this website’s homepage along with other highly regarded establishments and products, or to be an advertiser or sponsor in a category or listed at the bottom of the homepage. Advertisers will also have the opportunity to be featured as sponsored content on Fred Bollaci’s social media. For information about collaboration or advertising opportunities, please e-mail or message Fred.

We welcome strategic partnerships where Fred Bollaci works with others on sponsored posts, recipe development, cross-brand promotion, guest post appearances on Fred Bollaci Enterprises’ blog, reciprocal blog posts on your blog, guest/speaking/event partnerships, coordinating with your restaurant on a “healthy-gourmet” dinner paired with wines, product endorsements, featured stories or posts, media appearances, and opportunities to collaborate with deserving 501(c)3 charitable organizations, please e-mail or message Fred.



Below is a disclaimer to inform readers and establishments how Fred Bollaci works to evaluate and review establishments.

“All opinions are always my own. Photographs are typically mine and/or shared by the establishment, chamber of commerce, etc, or credit is listed we will provide such attribution whenever possible or known and will gladly credit or remove anything inadvertently not meeting these standards. Many establishments have provided complimentary or discounted meals, lodging, travel expenses, and amenities to help me defray costs and enable me to deliver fresh, exciting content to my audience, however my opinions cannot be bought or influenced. Many establishments reach out to me and invite me to visit to sample their cuisine, or accommodations. Others are recommended by my Advisory Board Members, colleagues, friends, and family. If I do not care for an experience, I will not write about it. To date, I have written about over 750 establishments, and have not written anything negative on my blog. I feel that while many establishments and owners strive to provide the best food, service, hospitality, and overall experience for their customers, nothing and nobody is perfect, and I prefer not to engage in spreading negativity or publicly pointing out faults, there are plenty of other people and services that do this. I do however share with any establishment whether I am going to write about them or not, and I will share any issues that came up during my visit which could be improved upon. If an establishment meets more stringent standards of excellence, these establishments may be considered to be recognized as Golden Palate® or Platinum Palate® Partners of Fred Bollaci Enterprises, and awarded The Golden Palate or Platinum Palate Certificate of Excellence® and recognition on this site and on Fred Bollaci Enterprises social media. Once an establishment has been recognized as a Golden or Platinum Palate®, they are invited to consider Charter Membership, which includes a host of benefits, as well as opportunities to further collaborate.”

Golden and Platinum Palate® and Charter Members also have the opportunity to be featured in VENU Magazine, where Fred Bollaci is the Food Editor, and Social Media Manager, as well as on VENU social media and are offered unique opportunities to collaborate on future events in conjunction with VENU magazine. The combination of Fred Bollaci’s endorsement before an audience of over 150,000 fans and followers of Fred Bollaci Enterprises and approximately 150,000 fans and followers of VENU is a priceless opportunity to feature yourself, your establishment, or top quality product or service before a large, sophisticated audience from top US and international markets that demands the best. For more information, please contact Fred Bollaci by e-mail, or leave a message at 561.789.0047.

If you would like to inquire about arranging a visit and Review of your restaurant, hotel, spa, winery, or artisan product, or arrange for coverage of a food or wine tasting event, fitness event, or charitable event, please contact us well in advance.

Fred Bollaci based in Palm Beach as well as Sarasota, FL, and, and will consider locations anywhere in Florida, the Greater New York Metropolitan Area, as well as appealing destinations nationwide and abroad. Regular destinations include New England, CA wine country, Aspen, Italy, and France.

Fred Bollaci wants to hear readers’ opinions, comments, and suggestions, and is always looking for new places to try and destinations to visit to keep the content fresh and exciting, so don’t hesitate to reach out!


Fred Bollaci is not a doctor or licensed healthcare professional. The opinions and methodology which has worked for Fred, has been done with initial medical clearance and ongoing supervision. While Fred has counseled, coached, and mentored hundreds of clients looking to successfully lose weight and learn to eat healthy-gourmet, both in restaurants, and cooking at home, Fred Bollaci cannot assume any responsibility for your actions and at all times require that all clients sign a disclaimer, agreeing to be solely responsible for their decisions and outcome, and holding Fred Bollaci Enterprises, LLC harmless. Clients must also acknowledge they need to also have medical clearance and supervision from their own licensed physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.