432182_3016626529660_436030703_nFred Bollaci believes in achieving balance in life. He knows first-hand that if he wishes to regularly enjoy quality, delicious, gourmet meals at home and while away, on business or pleasure, he must exercise regularly.

Over the past two years, Fred has completed four full-length marathons and more importantly, has maintained a 150-lb. weight loss! He views exercise as enjoyable and freeing, not self-inflicted drudgery. Fred enjoys a wide range of activities on a daily basis, and is always open to a new adventure, doing things he never dreamed could be possible. By keeping an open mind and active body, Fred does not become bored with his routine. He realizes that one must change their mindset and incorporate regular exercise into their lives. He knows first hand the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits that regular exercise provides.

As a prime example of living the La Dolce Vita lifestyle, Fred has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share on how anyone can change and become the person they had only once dreamed about being!  Fred will share his incredible insight and knowledge he has gained in the form of helpful “tips and tricks” both on his website, and more in his upcoming book, to help make losing weight and maintaining a healthy, gourmet lifestyle simple and fun!

Fred Bollaci Running NYC Marathon - 2013

Fred Bollaci Running NYC Marathon – 2013


Fred will be adding some of his favorite simple fitness tricks on a regular basis!

Take the stairs- I like to use the stairs if I am doing three floors or less.

Try doing squats or calf exercises while washing the dishes.

Just twenty minutes of cardio a day can work wonders, especially if you are used to being sedentary. This can be walking, swimming, bike riding, jogging, or other activities.

Exercise increases metabolism and endorphins that make you feel good!

I don’t look for the closest parking spot to where I am going. By parking further away, you are building exercise into your day!

If you have a bunch of errands in a close vicinity, try walking and leaving the car behind.

Buy a pedometer. Try to log at least 10,000 steps each day.

Make exercise and activity a fun, family affair! Parents: take the time to play sports or engage in physical activity with your kids from the time they are small. Physical activity and athleticism lead to better health and self-esteem for kids and a better quality of life all-around! Start early and these good habits will be ingrained for life, just like doing homework or brushing one’s teeth!

Take a walk first thing in the morning, and after dinner. The morning walk revs your metabolism for the day, and the evening walk helps speed digestion and keeps your metabolism going stronger through the night.

By simply eliminating 500 calories a day, you can lose 1 pound a week! An easy way is to cut 250 empty or unnecessary calories from your intake (soda, alcohol, sugary snacks, etc), and by increasing your activity enough to burn 250 additional calories.  This can be done by walking 20-30 minutes when you wake up in the morning and again after dinner.