IMG_7632People tend to overindulge and generally pay the price in excess weight. Emotional overeating is a problem for millions of Americans. Fred Bollaci understands this better than anyone having overindulged for years and having paid a very steep price. Today, after losing 150 pounds while enjoying gourmet cuisine and keeping it off for five years, Fred is spreading the word on how anyone can live the La Dolce Vita lifestyle, creating and enjoying gourmet meals at home and in great restaurants using the best ingredients available without guilt or excess calories, and offers keen insight on how to kick the habit of emotional overeating for good!

As a gourmand and sommelier, Fred has found a way to travel the globe, enjoying gourmet foods representing many diverse nationalities without adding an inch to his waist! He has a keen knowledge of how to choose healthy delicious ingredients and create meals without adding unnecessary calories. He will demonstrate to you how to make healthy gourmet choices without compromising on taste or presentation so that you, too, can enjoy the La Dolce Vita lifestyle!