Linguini alla Puttanesca: Olives, Capers, Anchovies, Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Chili Flakes, an Easy Favorite

Linguine alla Puttanesca. Recipe (c) Fred Bollaci Enterprises
Puttanesca (Whore’s Sauce) gets its name because it is spicy and sassy, plus can be made quickly with pantry ingredients (in between clients), but really should be called “Pantry Sauce” as most Italians have the ingredients in their pantry to make this fun and tasty dish in just a few minutes. Briny, spicy, zesty, salty, a little fishy, it’s one of my favorites. This is featured in my second book in “The Restaurant Diet” series, as prepared by Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy. My two favorite renditions are there and La Bussola on Long Island, NY (in my first book). This is my adaptation as prepared tonight. Being a popular southern Italian dish, pair with a wine from southern Italy, you can go white or red—be it a Greco di Tufo, Aglianico, Lacryma Cristi or Falanghina from Campania, a Primitivo from Puglia, or a Nero d’Avola, Chardonnay, or Etna Rosso or Bianco from Sicily, you’ll be transported to southern Italy’s sunny shores. Buon’ Appetito! 👍❤️🇮🇹🍷🍝🌶
Serves 2 as an entree, 4 as a first course.
1/2 lb linguine (imported Italian dry pasta, like De Cecco)
4 cloves garlic
1 tin anchovies
2 tbsp capers
1/2 cup green olives (like Castelvetrano)
1/2 cup brown olives (like Kalamata or Gaeta)
1 can San Marzano tomatoes, crushed
Tbsp chili flakes
Bunch fresh basil
Set pot of water to boil for the pasta.
Meanwhile, start a sauté pan with evoo on med/high heat, add sliced garlic and anchovies before heats up, as heats and simmers, stir and mash anchovies into the oil.
Don’t let garlic brown/burn
Add capers, olives, and a little of their liquid. If capers are in salt, rinse first.
Add tomatoes, hand crush and remove stems first and basil.
Simmer medium/high heat about ten minutes.
Stir as needed.
Meanwhile, once water is rolling boil, add sea salt and drop pasta, stir as needed.
When pasta is about half done, take aside cup of cooking water, drain pasta, combine with sauce, turn up heat to high, add splash pasta water, stir, toss vigorously.
Summer several minutes high heat, add more pasta water as needed. Want sauce reduced if gets too dry add a little of the water to help the ingredients cook and bind.
When pasta and sauce are amalgamated, and sauce is cooked down not runny or dry and pasta is still al dente, take off heat.
Add chopped parsley, drizzle evoo, grated pecorino and plate.
Serve with garnish of fresh basil. Shave pecorino over the top. More Chili flakes optional at the table.

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