Recipe For A Light & Healthy Memorial Day: Grilled Local “Fresh Catch” with Ripe Mango and Grilled Zucchini by Chef Angelo Romano of Golden Palate® Paradiso Ristorante in Lake Worth, FL


Recipe courtesy of Chef Angelo Romano, Golden Palate® Paradiso Ristorante in Lake Worth, FL

Do you have any plans yet for Memorial Day weekend? I’m planning to be home on Memorial Day, enjoying some time by the pool with family and friends, and I also plan to fire up the grill! I was looking for something fresh, light, seasonal, and healthy to prepare– something that says Florida, and late spring, early summer.

Summer is vegetables; summer is orchards. Being at their optimum flavor; there is no better time to play and experience with these fruits and vegetables than now. In this case, Mangoes are coming into peak season in the next few weeks, first from Mexico, then local ones! My mother has a huge tree full of mangoes– I try to get there and pick as many as possible before the squirrels have a field day!

Our first two summer ingredients are zucchini and Florida’s local treasure, mango. Paired with a fresh catch these ingredients and flavors are the foundation for creating a perfect summer dish.

To prepare the zucchini:

Ensure that the grill is hot
Slice the zucchini, then place it on the grill
Seasoning is not necessary prior to cooking; we want to allow the natural flavors to develop while grilling before we season.
To season the zucchini:

We recommend none other than Chef Angelo’s Amalfi Coast traditional seasoning recipe.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar
Add a touch of fresh mint
To prepare the mango:

Dice the fresh mango
Lightly sauté with red onions and red wine vinegar to create chutney
To prepare the fresh catch:

We are using a locally-caught Florida snapper filet for this recipe.

Ensure that the grill is hot
Place the filet on the grill and cook until your desired temperature
To season the fresh catch:

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil
Top with garlic and parsley, or your preferred fresh herb choice
Drizzle with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Fred’s Notes: The key is to talk to your fishmonger wherever you are, and get the freshest fish possible. This can also accompany grilled chicken, veal, or pork chops, making it a very versatile preparation that is fresh, light, and full of flavor. Grilling is great in warmer weather when people want to be outdoors and not heat up the house! Although in Florida it is warm most of the year (and actually quite hot around Memorial Day typically), Memorial Day weekend in most of the country is the unofficial start to summer, which means backyard barbecues, sitting by the pool, and enjoying being outside! Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy Memorial Day weekend! Let us be healthy and remember those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom and way of life we so enjoy! Thank you, Chef Angelo for another amazing recipe!


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